What is the sen/ict directory?

The sen/ict directory has been set up to house resources for special needs so that teachers, therapists and parents can list useful websites and online resources and find useful information and resources for their students and/or children.

Who can list resources?

Teachers, therapists, parents, companies, charities, schools… Anyone can list SEN related resources they find useful that could to help others. You can list online and printable resources, downloadable content, software, hardware and equipment, jobs, events and conferences, webinars etc. that may interest you.

How much does it cost?

NOTHING! The sen/ict directory is complete FREE to list ANY SEN related resource.

How do I create a resource listing?

Simply create an account, login and create as many free resource listings as you like. It is that easy. Start creating your resources now - submit resource.

What does a listing look like?

Take a look for yourself — see examples.

Can I update my listing(s) after I have added them?

Yes of course. You will create an account which gives you access to all of your resource listings. You can edit, update, amend and delete. Basically anything you want (as long as it is appropriate).

What resources can I add?

Anything as long as the resource will benefit SEN teachers, therapists and parents alike. We only ask that you are respectful and do not attempt to list inappropriate content.

Are resource listings approved before appearing on the sen/ict directory?

Yes. We look at each and every listing before it appears online.

Where can I hear about new resources when they are added?

Facebook – www.facebook.com/senictdirectory
Twitter - @senictdirectory
LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/company/sen-ict-directory
Google+ - plus.google.com/+Senict
Pinterest - www.pinterest.com/senictdirectory
Blogger - www.senictdirectory.blogspot.co.uk

Who runs the sen/ict directory?

The FREE sen/ict directory is administrated by Chris Thornton . Resources are added by teachers and therapists currently working in schools around the globe. And you!

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