PCS Apps

At home, on the go or in the classroom, our Apps help students learn vocabulary, articulation, listening skills and more.

PCS™ Apps are a fun way to add excitement to any classroom activity! They can be used with general education students, but are especially great for students with special needs.

With PCS™ Apps, speech therapy can go wherever you go, and begin with the tap of a button. Ideal for SLPs who frequently move between different classrooms and facilities, you can customize the PCS™ to fit individual speech therapy goals.

Parents can use PCS™ Apps to continue lessons at home or on the go. Use them to transform a 10-minute car ride into a time to strengthen existing skills and practice new ones.

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rlingeriesets Holland
Date: 2017-05-05 18:54:20
Date: 2017-05-05 18:54:20

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