What Can You See?

What Can You See? has 30 images, which have been tried and tested with children and adults who have speech difficulties. Personalize by creating and adding your own photos. Can you guess what the hidden picture is? Flip through each page revealing more of the image as you go. Fun and familiar images of objects, animals, and events, enable students to work on a range of skills including object recognition, naming, problem solving, inference, holistic thinking, narrative generation, and turn-taking.

What Can You See? is designed to support speech-language pathologists, speech-and-language therapists, educators, and home-based learning. Use one-on-one, with small groups, or in a classroom setting.

Personalize by taking your own photographs at home or at school to pre-teach the curriculum and target your students’ needs.

Use the reporting to track and measure progress. Share feedback at the school or with parents.

Record your students, play back, or download audio files to demonstrate and track progress.

• 30 tried-and-tested images
• Comprehensive reporting tool to monitor progress over time, including reviewing of auditory files for further analysis
• Download reports and share
• Create and add your own photos to personalize
• Use the built-in microphone to record audio, play back, and download
• Cool ColorCards animations make this app rewarding and motivating for all learners
• Use one-on-one, with small groups or in the classroom
• Fun, clear visual feedback
• Practical auditory support
• Progress wheel to help with monitoring
• Choose your mode of reveal for added variety and challenge


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